Thursday, April 25, 2013


Kolhapuri chappals are hand-crafted leather slippers . Kolhapuri chappals are made from processed leather. Hides of buffalo are processed and grazed. Grazing of leather makes the leather hard enough for daily wear and tear use. They are locally tanned using vegetable dyes. These chappals are stout, sturdy, day long usable are quite sturdy, durable and long lasting in use. These Slippers are best to use in summer.

Using specific templates, the basic chappal design is then cut out. Depending upon the final product, the cut outs are kept in natural color or dyed as per specifications. An amazing thing to note here is that not a single iron nail is used in the entire manufacture process. The sole and the upper body of the chappals are joined together by stitches which are done with a leather cord. Other embellishments and adornments then follow in making a fancy pair of Kolhapuri chappals. 

Ladies Kolhpuri chappals have lot of variety of designs , styles and 
colors.  These chappals are available in a spectrum of colors like bright pinks, fuchsia, red, white and many others. 

Kolhapuri chappals, are adorned with gold cord, zari strips, pom poms or gota . Kolhapuri chappals. can be ideally used for formal functions like Mehndi , weddings, Eids and parties.



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peshawari chappal***** =================

Peshawari chappal is more like a sandal than a slipper It is worn by men casually or formally, usually with the Shalwar kameez dress. Peshawari chappals have spread and become increasingly popular in other parts of Pakistan where wearing them with jeans has also become a fashion trend, especially among the urban youth.

The shoe takes its name from the city of Peshawar, where it originates from while "chappal" is the Pakistani word for flip-flops. Peshawari chappal can be worn by men casually or formally, usually with the Shalwar kameez dress. For Pashtun people, it is more than a sandal or slipper because of its comfortableness.

Peshawari chappal is as old as Peshawari culture. It is so old that its history is lost in ambiguity. Peshawari chappal has some distinct. It is made of pure leather of high quality and is free from all types of chemicals due to these qualities it become better from other footwear Those who wear it can not be affected by any type of skin infection or skin disease. The  leather soles are hand-stitched.The pure original leather prevents stench and makes it more comfortable. It is very comfortable to wear.

 Peshawari Chappals never become old-fashioned. If is wear in  special event is such as an engagement, Mayon,  Mehendi ceremony and weddings.  
Peshawari chappal is famous for its durability.  The chappal’s cutting, stitching and fitting; everything is done by the manufactures by their own hands and they strive to make the best possible pair of chappal. Durability of  Peshawari chappal is better than any other footwear.

Peshawari chappal gives both a traditional look on shalwar qameez and a trendy appearance when worn with jeans. This east-meets-west feature adds to its fame and due to the continuing increase in popularity.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chicks Art

Chicks Curtains Art
Chick art is an outstanding and unique art work of Pakistani cultural artisan. These chicks are very famous as curtains prepared from wood or bamboo. This art is originally originated in village Rasul Nagar and Kasur.

In the early ages artists made these chicks very simple and were used as curtains in homes and were very cheap, it is also the easiest way of protection of the homes from the warmth of the sun in summer. Traditionally these chicks are also used to keep one’s privacy. That was the time when people residing in villages and made these chicks and then also sell and used in their homes.

At that time homes were not constructed properly and these chicks were used as wall or boundary that makes their veil for keeping their privacy. But now the trend of making these simple chicks has been greatly changed. 

In the modern times chicks are like a masterpiece of art work, now they are made with great innovation and creativity even they are not just a simple piece used in villages they are also appreciated and used in cities for both decoration purpose and as a curtains.

Bamboo blinds are practical window treatments that help to enhance the comfort and beauty of home or office. The blinds are made up of woven shafts of bamboo that have been whittled, stripped and sanded.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Qingqi Rickshaws

Qingqi Rickshaws a new version of Public transport**

QINGQI  Rickshaw is a new version of public transport. It is a modified motorbike, which is attached with a steel body with two wheels. 6 people including a drive can easily ride the Rickshaw at once.
In few years where CNG and petrol prices are increased and public transportation has become expensive, Qinggi Rickshaws are playing vital role in public transport for short distance.

Qingqi Rickshaws have provided a big relief to people as it charges low than buses, mini buses and coaches. No one on the Qingqi Rickshaw travels while standing everyone is seated.