Thursday, April 25, 2013


Kolhapuri chappals are hand-crafted leather slippers . Kolhapuri chappals are made from processed leather. Hides of buffalo are processed and grazed. Grazing of leather makes the leather hard enough for daily wear and tear use. They are locally tanned using vegetable dyes. These chappals are stout, sturdy, day long usable are quite sturdy, durable and long lasting in use. These Slippers are best to use in summer.

Using specific templates, the basic chappal design is then cut out. Depending upon the final product, the cut outs are kept in natural color or dyed as per specifications. An amazing thing to note here is that not a single iron nail is used in the entire manufacture process. The sole and the upper body of the chappals are joined together by stitches which are done with a leather cord. Other embellishments and adornments then follow in making a fancy pair of Kolhapuri chappals. 

Ladies Kolhpuri chappals have lot of variety of designs , styles and 
colors.  These chappals are available in a spectrum of colors like bright pinks, fuchsia, red, white and many others. 

Kolhapuri chappals, are adorned with gold cord, zari strips, pom poms or gota . Kolhapuri chappals. can be ideally used for formal functions like Mehndi , weddings, Eids and parties.




  1. Great post on Kolhapuri chappal ... I love to buy this from my favorite online footwear stores !!

  2. Sometime it good to buy chappals than Shoes and Sandals..great post..loved it!!