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Paranda is a beautiful hair accessory which women tie with braids. Pakistan is very famous for making handwoven Parandas. It is one of the traditional  handicrafts of Pakistan.

Paranda is made up of  many colors,  mostly black, yellow or multicolored three strands with trendy designs at the end of each strands. Parandas also comes in a shape of beaded ornaments.  

Parandis are available with a great variety in designs and colors. They are made out of a bunch of silk threads, intricately woven with other skillful works.  It is a long bunch of threads with elaborate decorative tassels at the lower end. There are threaded 3 ropes which are braided into the hair

Women are fond of decorating their hair with it. It is use to adorn the lower end of their plaits with rich gold and mulch-colored threads, ribbons and pearls, enhancing the look of their attire with this ingenious hair accessory.  Mostly women having long hair plait and then tie a paranda at the end to enhance beauty of there hair.


The craftsmen require a great deal of patience and creativity while producing the parandas. They reflect the natural liveliness and spontaneity of the people of Pakistan.

In Pakistan parandas are available in different types, each one of them designed for a specific occasion.It gives very stunning  look on bridal braids. Girls and brides love to wear paranda in Mehandhi occasions. Brides wear floral prandas on wedding day as well which look very elegant with red bridal dress.


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