Saturday, August 10, 2013

Namak Mandi -Peshawar (A Traditional food street):

Many people does not know that Peshawar main food street is called Namak Mandi where mostly food is based on meat mostly Tikka Karahi.. It contain unique taste and provide best traditional cuisine that make it an exceptional food centre where most visitors can hardly resist. People from from various part of Pakistan visit here and enjoy it.

The restaurants in *Namak Mandi serve marvelous tikka and karai.. Meat is ordered by the kilogram, and then prepared according to your preference. 

Namak Mandi took 50 years to develop to its current status, and it’s delicious, traditional Tikka Karahi attracts both foreign and local tourists. Sitting at the carpeted floor or on charpoys at any restaurant, one can see fresh lamb hanging on racks, and black woks (Karahi) set above burning charcoal.


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